Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Halloween is a silly holiday, but there is one really silly holiday to call to your attention:
Count Your Buttons Day is October 21st.  Aren't you excited!? The very first question you must be asking is "Why!?" Well, I don't know why. And, it might be better that we don't know.  So here it is, staring you in the face; a wild and wacky day with absolutely no history to define its purpose for being. One might suggest that the creator of this wacky day was himself a bit wacky.  Most likely, it was created by someone with a whole lot of free time on his hands. How do you celebrate this day? I suggest that if you have nothing better to do, you start counting your buttons. Otherwise, you may choose to move on with your life to something (anything) of greater importance.

Peace and laughter from the Desert... Karen
October is a month of fun and celebration.  Of course, there is All Hallows Eve, better known as Halloween.  Will you be out in costume celebrating or trick or treating?  We have featured some of our great monster photos in the past, but this year I think we will go another route and show you more photos from Nova Scotia, particularly Prince Edward Island.  Special favorites come from New Glasgow and Prince Edward Island Preserve Company where there are spectacular gardens laid out along the river.  Our features this month are of old wagon wheels and drill bits incorporated into the gardens adding an interesting and dramatic effect.  Even in the rain they were fascinating to say the least.

Such an interesting way to use old things.  What do you have hiding in your garage, shed or basement that you could decorate your garden with?

Peace from the Desert... Karen