Saturday, November 15, 2014

This month I am returning to pictures of Israel.  This series features Bet Sbe'an, the largest ongoing archeological dig in Israel.  It is very large with new findings uncovered  all the time!  The site was the fortified city of of King Saul, who was murdered by the Philistines along with his sons!  Their bodies were hung from the walls of the city.  

Peace from the Desert... Karen

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November is a month of celebrations beginning with All Saints Day on the 1st, and including the Marine Corps birthday on November 10th, Veterans Day on the 11th and Thanksgiving on the 25th. There is usually an election, whether local or federal, and this year it was on the 4th. Hopefully you voted! It is also Native American Heritage Month and Peanut Butter Lovers Month. Some silly day celebrations are Deviled Egg Day on the 2nd and Saxophone Day on the 6th. Don't forget Sadie Hawkins Day on the 13th.

This month I am returning to pictures of Israel. I am featuring the ruins of Bet She'an, which is the largest ongoing archeological dig in Israel. It is a mammoth site, and was established during the reign of King Saul. Saul was murdered by the Philistines along with his sons, and their bodies hung on the walls of the city. What they have uncovered there is fantastic and fascinating; the walls that remain are strong, the pillars huge, the bath houses and pools deep. There is more to be excavated! The photo of the month is a Pomegranate, found growing on the grounds of Bet She'an. The Featured Series are of the massive walls and pillars found there. It's an exciting place for you who enjoy digs to visit.  (See more of my shots of Israel at

Peace from the Desert... Karen

Saturday, October 11, 2014

 October is the month of Orange.  Many varieties of trees leaves  turn orange; the harvest display is often interspersed with the orange colors of pumpkins, varieties of squash; the orange of cumquats, oranges and tangerines which ripen in the fall months, and even an occasional pomegranate.  Since pumpkins abound in the fall harvest, they are an essential item for Halloween decorations.  Carved into weird designs and faces, they are found everywhere during the season.  What’s left of course is used to make delicious pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving.  There are many varieties of flowers also blooming in orange shades in the fall season – mums and chrysanthemums come to mind.  Treasure plants and Ganzania also can be orange.  Happy Halloween and Happy Harvest.  

Peace from the Desert.. Karen

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A few more photos from Israel.  The first is of the Sea of Galilee, on which we sailed. It was a nice day and a calm sail to the end of the Sea where Jesus called the fishermen to be disciples. We walked along the shore where He had walked. The next two are of the harbor at Caesarea Maritima on the Mediterranean Ocean.   The remains of the foundation of Herod's palace are there and the wall enclosing the harbor he built for ships to be able to come in closer to shore.  He had discovered a form of cement, so many of the palaces and temples he built are still partially standing. A fabulous trip; one which we would do again.  Certainly happy that we went and got home before the current strife started.   Till next time--
Peace from the Desert... Karen

Monday, June 16, 2014

We just returned from a wonderful, jam-packed 9 day tour of the Holy Land. Their temperatures resemble Arizona's closely but with added humidity. I don't think the temperature exceeded 90 degrees while we were there but we could feel the humidity. What a glorious trip! How fascinating and spiritual to be where Jesus walked and taught and to see where He was crucified and buried! How interesting to learn the history of the area with Roman occupation, and then the Byzantine period, during which many of the sites of Jesus time were found. How neat to sail on the Sea of Galilee, and see a 2000 yr. old boat which had been retrieved from the Sea of Galilee. The excavations are truly remarkable, and each year more are found. There were many interesting places to visit, many temples and churches, all beautiful in their own right. This month I am featuring some of the gorgeous domes of those churches. I will continue to bring you more sights and scenes in the ensuing months.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

wake up America!

A few random thoughts tonight.  Whatever happened to love of country, pride in your nation, and a willingness to serve??  Could be failure to teach history and why the United States of America was formed as a free nation, with one flag for all.  One united nation built on solid religious beliefs and freedom of religion for all sects; freedom to worship as you wanted, but with respect for other's beliefs.  A nation where all were equal, with the same opportunities for all to learn.  Now we are a nation at war within itself, condemning each others beliefs, stealing from our neighbors, walking in fear, demanding privileges that should be earned, not demanded, looting and killing abound.  Get back to your founding beliefs America. Get back to God before all your inherent rights are gone, and we are further mired in disbelief and abandonment of principles! Wake up now before it is too late.  Thoughts for the approaching Memorial Day!  Peace..

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I can't believe I have let the entire month of April go by without blogging. It has been a very busy month with many photo projects going on, and Easter and services and family things.  I thought I would introduce you to Southeastern Arizona this time.  The above picture is of Mt. Graham under clouds just following a rain storm.  Mt. Graham lies near Safford, AZ, which is near the New Mexico border.  It is a pretty part of Arizona, with rolling plains and the mountains surrounding the area.  Mt. Graham is its main claim to fame, is used for hiking and biking, and some snow-shoeing in the winter. It does not feature skiing, but enjoys snow from time to time.  Take a trek out that way and see Roper Lake, a small but enjoyable body of water.  

Till next time, peace from the Desert... Karen

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring has blustered in

March has blustered in! It's windy, it's rainy, and then it's suddenly nice and sunny! It is what I consider to be a strange month - it isn't spring but it isn't winter. Some cool-weather bulbs have pushed their way through the soil, and an occasional daffodil can be seen, often poking its way through snow. Because it is such an indecisive month, I was indecisive about what to show for the photo of the month and the featured series. Suddenly the idea struck me to do something fun - something not normally featured on Obscure Observations. I have fun doing special effects on some photos, and have a series featuring applications such as bubble wrap, or glowing edges or turning the whole picture into entirely something else by using the neon effect. Our photo of the month is a cactus in bloom, on which I used the neon effect. Our featured series includes a cereus cactus with glowing edges; a daylily using the neon effect, and a rose using the neon effect. Be sure to view some other neons and glowing edges by looking under Mixed Myriad and clicking on the Neon and Special Effects link. Hope you in the East get thawed out, and have a nice Spring!

Peace from the Desert... Karen

Sunday, February 9, 2014

February has many holidays – some well-known and some unknown. The most popular of course is Valentine’s Day, so for all you lovers out there – Happy Valentine’s Day! Then of course there is Groundhog Day, but that poor groundhog knows not what he does. Hate to break the charm of the prediction, but it all depends on whether the sun is shining that day or not. Then there is the Super Bowl and all its trappings. What a spectacle that can be. Not to forget our illustrious presidents, Lincoln and Washington, whose birthdays we celebrate. And remember, February is Black History Month. With that in mind, the photos of the month feature some of the wonderful and beautiful black women I have been fortunate enough to photograph. Please go to to see more portraits. Enjoy! Peace from the Desert... Karen

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy New Year! This is a new year, a new start. Fresh ideas; new possibilities! Sweep the old cobwebs from your brain and let in the new thoughts. Face new challenges with fortitude; throw out your old fears. Hopefully, the new year will bring happiness, new opportunities and good health to you all. For January I decided not to do the snow scenes promised in December. The Eastern half of the US is cold enough and the news has provided many views of frozen landscapes and snow scenes! Instead, we are featuring an array of sunrises and sunsets. The sunsets represent closing out 2013, and the sunrises bring 2014 in brightly. These are different sunrises and sunsets than featured in previous months. Please enjoy them; may they help brighten your day. Let us know if we can fulfill an order for you so that they may also brighten your home or work place. Peace from the Desert... Karen