Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Winding down

The year is winding down, the month is almost wound, and the new year is creeping up quickly. The pup was wound up with her new toys, but finally decided to unwind and rest.

I hope that your new year is bountiful, peaceful, less stressful, and that you are healthier, wealthier and perhaps a bit wiser. Wishing you all the best in 2012.

Peace from the Desert... Karen

Monday, December 26, 2011

Playing with The new Christmas toy! A Motorola Xoom!!! What fun!!! Need a light touch on this screen or else you get double letters!!! Christmas was a joy, but as usual with children present it was BEDLAM!!! The house looked like a disaster area this morning. But we counted our blessings and gave thanks for gifts received. More later when I get the hang of this-

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas is upon us

December has flown and I have been busy preparing for the holidays, doing some photog business, and joining the other "mad" shoppers out there. I hope all of you are ready for Christmas! I definitely am - the menu is planned, the groceries purchased and stored, the gifts are ALL purchased and wrapped. Now comes the cooking and the family dinner and exchange. I hope we all keep in mind the reason for the season: that we are celebrating the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ... God's gift to us. May we remember that in the middle of all the celebrations and gift giving. And that Jesus gave us eternal life, the ultimate gift, and for that we should be most grateful. Enjoy the season! Many blessings for the New Year!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

December it is

Winding down to the end of this year, winding up for Christmas shopping and spinning my wheels on what to get for whom. It suddenly occurred to me that I should get moving since it is now December!! The end of another year; the last month before we kiss 2011 good-bye; approaching the 12th year of the Millennium and we are still here. With all the hubbub, I couldn’t get too wound up in snow or scenes of the season; so I went back through my files and found some great reflections to share this month. The should inspire your thoughts of spring and help you forget the winter blahs. All were taken at different lakes but exhibit the beauty of reflections in water. I hope you enjoy them. Check them out at, check photo of the month and featured series.

And in the true spirit of the season, may you have a blessed Christmas, a wonderful Holiday season, and a fresh start for the New Year!

Peace from the Desert… Karen

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Two of those figures are not scarecrows, but sometimes I wonder??! Here's hoping you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hope your food is plentiful, your company gracious, your blessings bountiful, and that you don't overeat.

Peace and Happy Thanksgiving from the Desert...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hello Arizona! Example shown of one type of portrait I can do for you. Example shown of a fine art photograph of a sunset in San Francisco. Wanted to mention that in addition to the radio show if you are reading this blog and say so in an e-mail to or by phone at 602-558-5503, I will also give you the 20% off deal. Book soon.... calendar fills fast. Latest sitting date is 12/5 in order to have by Christmas. Or give a gift certificate and plan a sitting for after the holidays. Buy a matted or framed fine art photo at 20% off or give a gift certificate for someone to purchase one. Call me and we will search our vast files to find the perfect photo.

Radio Show

Well, I did the show. Networking Arizona with Carol Blonder. Pretty neat. Haven't been in a sound room for radio since I was in Brownie Scouts in about 1958. Okay - never mind the age. It was fun. Per my advertisement on the show.... I am currently offering 20% off to anyone who heard the show and mentions it when they call me (602-558-5503) OR E-mail me ( for a portrait sitting, now through December 5. That's the latest date I can take portrait sittings and turn them around by Christmas..... Also offering 20% off the purchase of fine art - some already framed; many matted. Or buy a gift certificate for someone to purchase either a fine art photograph or a portrait sitting. See the types of portraits we can do at Those are just samples; have camera will come to you and photograph you at your best. (maybe your worst, but I can make it look your best!!)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Radio Time

If you have a chance, I will be on Networking Arizona (a CBS ceative business solutions show) on Wednesday, November 15, 2011 at 3:15 to 3:30 p.m. The radio station is KFNX 1100 AM. I will be discussing [what else?] my photography!! Appreciate it if you have the opportunity to tune and and listen. Could use your feedback if you do listen. Thanks.

Peace from the Desert...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Really irksome things

You know what really irks me? Getting leads from people who don't leave a proper e-mail. Why are you messing around in a lead service anyway if you are not legitimately searching for a photographer??? I understand the "just shopping" aspect, but when a photographer takes the time to answer you and provide you with a quote, you should have the decency either to a) provide an honest, working e-mail adddress; and b) respond that the price it too high, or that you have not decided, or that you went with someone else, so that the photographer knows what you are doing. It isn't nice or fair to just not respond at all; and it is entirely unsatisfactory to leave a false e-mail address. We're doing the best we can to provide you with fair, reasonable service, and you should be fair in return.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Dust Storm

Last Friday a dust storm rolled in. Not as big as the haboobs Arizona was having this summer, but enough to make the eyes gritty and your hair stand on end. I caught some of it just before sundown, and managed several photos in succession before the light faded. Today a huge front passed through - leaving rain and hail and groffel in the Valley and snow in the Arizona mountains. Pretty early for that!I guess winter has arrived.

Peace from the desert... Karen

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Could fall be here?

The November Obscure Orations are posted on the website at Check it out. Also featuring our collection of photos from Arches National Park, Utah.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sunset on Strawberry Fields

Here's one of my favorites - sunset while we were hunting. Great field; great shot. No elk!

More to come. Karen

Who cares?

Just a thought: Do we really care what Kim Kardashian and Kris do? I mean really??!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

More Strawberry Fields wildflowers

An additional photo I thought you would like to see. Displays the wildflowers more clearly. Sure was a gorgeous day out there! Fine fall weather!

October Obscure Orations

The October Obscure Orations have been posted on the website... Featured photos are of Chicago again this month - everything's big in Chicago. The huge statue of Marilyn Monroe; the huge ferris wheel at Navy Pier; the huge skyscrapers - I feature the Hancock Bldg. although there are taller including Trump Tower and The Willis (formerly Sears) Tower. And then there is the Rain Forest Cafe frog. Check them out - read my Orations, and enjoy a trip through the website. Again, that is Love to have you visit.

Peace from the Desert... Karen

The fall color I hoped to find near Clint's well this past weekend didn't happen. Just a little early for AZ color. Did find a neat field of late wildflowers still brightening the terrain with yellow blossoms with Strawberry Mountain in the background.

Peace from the desert.. Karen

Mugs Galore

Just found the neatest thing for Christmas presents for photographers. A thermo mug that looks like various Canon lenses. They run between $25 and $30. Anybody who is a photog would love to have one of these. Including me!! Check this out:

Friday, October 7, 2011

Fall Colors

It seems fall has arrived in some parts of the country. Since it is always behind schedule in AZ, I am posting some fall shots I took previously. Hope they get you in the spirit of the season! I heard there was a brilliant aspen display in the mountains near Colorado Springs, and that they had also had snow!! Our weather has been cooler this week, and the news caster suggested our leaves were starting to turn in the northern part of Arizona. I will be around Clint's Well this weekend and I will be on the lookout for brilliant flashes of color to shoot.

Peace from the Desert... Karen

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Site reminder

Since I often neglect to do the self-promotion thing here, the website is Portrait & video samples demonstrating the types we do are found at; direct to Obscure Observations Royalty Free Site:; and our weddings are We have recently posted our video samples on You-Tube.

Thanks for checking in! Your observations of Obscure Observations are appreciated.


Well, Fall as a season has fallen - on September 23rd; so why doesn't daylight savings go away? Not that AZ has daylight savings!! Why doesn't the heat go away? Here in AZ we are still in triple digits, with humidity yet! They say it is going to rain; when? The weatherman promises some cooling later this week, and we can only hope he is right.

We have had Halloweens that were 100+. Let's hope this is not one of them!! 'Tis gremlin season. The poor gremlins and goblins will melt! Strange things can happen in late October - zombies may walk along side the gremlins. Do they melt too?

I plan to go shoot the fall scenery as the temperatures cool and the leaves begin to turn. Around here that may be the end of November. The photo of oak & aspen with fall colors may help to put you in the fall spirit, and take you out of your summer doldrums.

Until next time... Peace from the Desert... Karen

Friday, September 30, 2011

One of my favorite quotes

Quote of the week: Life is tough! It is even tougher if you are stupid! This applies to my thoughts on the current politicians; no particular party; they just all seem to completely oblivious to the problems of the United States. Let's get the act together guys and pull together to solve some of these problems. They are stupid ones, but they are making it tougher on the rest of us.

Peace from the desert ... Karen

Monday, September 26, 2011


My greatest thrill is being behind the camera; especially when viewing one of the beautiful scenic wonders that God has put out there for us! I endeavor to bring that beauty to you through my camera lens. This view of the Grand Canyon is from the North Rim and is one of my favorites. I hope you enjoy it.

The second most thrilling part of being a photographer is seeing the finished product. I try not to use Photoshop or any other photo editor much. I am a purist in that sense; it's either good or it's not. I may crop, brighten, touch up and in some cases enhance the color. But when I see something that reaches out and grabs me, and I shoot it because it grabbed me, then I want you to see it the same way.

And a thought on this blog: some of the material posted here will also appear on my website under the "Obscure Orations" tab. I will write more here most likely when the urge to "speak to my readers" takes over and I have to post something.

Till next time... Peace from the Desert... Karen

September Orations

Here we are in September - how did it arrive so fast?? Having just returned from nearly three weeks on the road, I guess that accounts for why it is suddenly September. It was barely mid-August when I left. This was definitely a reunion tour as I visited many near & dear "old" friends from Colorado to Illinois. I did not photograph the corn fields in Nebraska and Iowa or Southern Illinois. And I hope not to see another corn field for a very long time. I did photograph Chicago and some of the surrounding area. I played tourist and did a boat tour down the Chicago River, visited Navy Pier and other sites of interest, and then took a day-long trolley tour on which I was able to get on and off at will, and photograph what I chose to visit. It was hectic, but fun. I'll be posting some photos of the "Windy City" soon.

Late September Update:
I have posted some photos from Chicago. The series called "Towers of Reflection" shows reflections of other buildings in the windows of the opposite skyscraper. With all the scrapers in Chicago, there are many reflections to be seen. I will post other Chicago shots for October. Have you heard that Marilyn Monroe is on display there? Check the website to view the scrapers on display.

Delve deeper into Obscure Observations' sites! Periodically, we will feature a surprise link to photos you may not have discovered yet.
See Little Ballet Girl.

Peace from the desert . . . Karen